The smokery and other preserves

Having got tired of baking the same sourdough bread every week, and the tutor constantly making an issue over my hair (that I had already tied up out of my face with a nifty hairband sent by my sister ,while she did not do the same, despite me finding one of her hairs on the table, ) I asked to work in the smokery. I wanted to learn as much as I could while I was here. Here they do all manner of preserving..from smoking the trout, pork and making sausages..and even biltong! Also jams, sauerkraut, hams and kombucha tea.20160113_143247
Of course, in the smokery, you have to be a LOT more hygienic. So it was a lot worse than the bakery..a lab coat, a net over hair, gloves and foot covers and a plastic apron! Basically only your nose stuck out.

Before at the bakery. This was bad enough and the source of many complaints..I wonder why?

After at the smokery. Well you kind of lose your ego, as everyone looks the same

Andy, the tutor, however had long hair like mine and a beard almost as long, so was more sympathetic as to the wild hair issues. He, however, somehow managed to find a jaunty hat instead of the unstylish hair net and when working with raw meat uses a beard cover! However, despite the lack of designer outfit, I am enjoying the experience, although I spend more time cleaning than anything else. (Vanessa, how I appreciate you now)

This is honey roast ham and some other hams maturing.

This is the trout (grown on the farm) after smoking.20160113_151731 Here we are making jam. Cleaning the fruit (black currant jam to die for)

and making Seville orange marmalade. Seville oranges are inedible, but the marmalade has a lovely bite and is not too sweet. This is a seville orange on the left of a normal one.

The rind is thick and easy to peel. the fruit is as sour as a lemon and slightly bitter. Other than the orange colour it tastes and looks like the lemons my mother had growing in our childhood garden..they must have been seville lemons!20160113_120603


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