So, I finally arrived in Totnes to visit Alexandra for the weekend, and it was good to see familiar faces. Jack is growing rapidly and Lily is very beautiful. I felt very welcomed and was spoilt with good food and good conversation. We had a good natter about Waldorf education and its nuances. When we got into mathematical principles, surprisingly everyone around Alexandra and I went to bed. I’m not sure why.

We woke up the next day not so early and Alastair’s telescopic eyes noticed that in the far distant hills of Dartmoor, there was a glistening of SNOW. Well spotted, Bruce! So we decided to head in that direction, optimistically with a sled, boots, jackets and hats. This was my new hat, a birthday present from my wonderful sister, who is so worried I wont be warm enough. 20160214_150421
We went via Plymouth to pick up Alastairs computer, and there was an amazing modern building, at Drakes circus behind an old ruined church bombed in the war that offset each other in the most dramatic way. I didn’t have time to photograph it so this is from Wikipaedia. Drake_circus_11_03_06

Apparently much of Plymouth was destroyed in the war, and so there is much experimental architecture. It appears that many people hate this building, but I felt it was amazing!
We drove on to Dartmoor, which previously I had somehow circumnavigated last time I went to visit Alexandra. It is amazingly different to the rest of England. Quite stark.

This is where the famous Prison is..and it is an unfriendly place in mid winter with icy winds and endless moors. However there is much that is beautiful, with wild hairy Dartmoor ponies and sheep.20160215_133902 However, a little village in the middle has the usual, not very far away pubs and inns. We drove to the highest point, and sure enough, there was snow. The whole world also arrived and there was an army of snowmen scattered around. We had a gentle snowball battle, 20160214_150444my first attempt at sledding, which was not very successful .This is Lily getting ready to go.

and built a snowman and a snow dog.

When we were cold enough we went to a pub that served tea with huge scones and Devonshire clotted cream and a warm fire. jack had made a mini snowman and attached it to the bonnet of the car. It traveled all the way home much to his glee, as he had bet Alastair that it would get there, despite Alexandras crazy driving.20160214_160055

It was getting dark when we wended our way back to Totnes. And even though there was not that much snow by most people’s standards, I was happy. It may be all the snow I will see












The next day was wonderful sunny day although freezing cold and  I headed on a round journey to another moor..Exmoor..a drive high along the coast with a view to Wales, moor ponies,

where I had hot chocolate heated in my boot and lunch 20160215_133413but there were also steep dark valleys and eery lanes. Not a place to drive at night.

I hurried off home and lo and behold, picked up my first speeding fine for going 37mph in a 30mph zone! (you have to go this speed through every village, and there are many villages. Thats why you cant hurry anywhere and why distances seem much further than they are. Not bad for all my driving,though. Here they give you the option to attend a workshop rather than pay the fine (which is hectic at R2200 plus 3 points off your license! they dont joke around here)..okay you have to pay for the workshop, and you can only do it once every three years. I wont be rushing in a hurry!



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