Sunday in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds, where I am living, is  a place where busy Brits come to have a holiday. So, instead of driving out, as I do most weekends, Agathe, my co-volunteer from France, Nils, a Biodynamic apprentice from Sweden and I went for a walk in the Slad Valley near Stroud. It was, unusually, a lovely day for Early spring.

We followed Agathe, who is very adventurous. She led us up hill (pant, pant), 20160313_100256where we had a tea break and admired the view,20160313_100413 (The Cotswolds it very hilly), and down dale into Slad, where, unsurprisingly, we went for a warm British pint at the local pub. I swear I am becoming an alcoholic without trying too hard. The pub is, unsurprisingly, just over the road from the church. After church, everyone slips down to the pub for “Lunch”.

After our pint we had a picnic lunch in the church graveyard that had a smattering of sun.20160313_125244

Slad was the home, we found out, of Laurie Lee, who was a poet and author who wrote Cider with Rosie. A book I have heard of, but not read. On his grave was a rendering of his writing, and I must say it was beautiful, and I will certainly read it when I manage to get hold of it.

Some beautiful things we saw on the way. I love trees, as you can see.

Some interesting things was this little alcove at someones house, where they obviously sat even in the rain and looked out over their private lake.20160313_11170020160313_111709The view.

this little railway track in someones garden20160313_113304and on the way back to Stroud we saw this telephone Library.

what a useful and imaginative idea for what is becoming a useless, though iconic, space!

People just put their old books into it, and anyone can borrow them. I love this.

Then on my way home, I came across a lot of kite flying on Minchinhampton common.

There were a lot of strange kites, but of course there was one of a soccer ball (oops its called foot ball) and some soccer legs (Foot ball legs?) that moved like they were kicking the ball. What else, but in Britain!20160313_151733

I arrived home to encounter this beautiful sunset over the Cotswolds20160313_183148


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