Signs tell you a lot about a place. In Britain, as in keeping with their public policy, they are generally polite. If the sign tells you to do something, it usually has an explanation as to why, rather than just giving orders, even although it uses a lot more words than necessary. This makes you feel better about complying. I have been told never to demand anything from a Brit, but to always precede a request by “ sorry to trouble you…”

Many signs show humour. Their speed limits are VERY low, and so you have to feel better about complying, and you do when you read these:


They also usually thank you for driving carefully when you leave too.

Parking signs are usually the worst, and most threatening. This is an unusually polite one:20160222_111739

Some signs seem mild, but come with terrible threats and HUGE fines for non compliance.

Parking is at a premium, and so you have to pay for parking EVEN IN THE REMOTEST places. And it is pay and you have to hurry back. These are cheap rates (60p is R12!..mostly its at least 1 pound (R20 per hour)Makes it hard to enjoy yourself. Britain could make a lot more out of tourism if they did not charge for parking. Luckily some towns like Nailsworth do not charge for parking, but this is unusual.


I only discovered this sign by accident..and it means no stopping. You also find these in the remotest  and most beautiful places. The only place where you can get a view WITHOUT A BLOODY HEDGE in the way and a roadside verge you can actually get off the road. As you can see, as a South African I dont feel the need so much to obey British signs.

Shop signs can be engaging, and definitely British (who else sells these things grouse and pigeon breast)

Interesting signs; at the top of the moors in the peak district is this sign that says “some people look but do not see”20151231_121058

And a sign with no words at Cottingley showing you wordlessly that the fairies were here.20151230_120921.jpg

This sign, in the middle of absolutely nowhere warns that you are under CCTV surveillance! Britain is one of the most surveiled countries in the world, apparently. Big brother is watching you.20151231_121645

These are unique signs to Britain that allow you to walk over private land everywhere. The common people do fight back.20151231_124347

In Wales the signs are in Welsh20160124_145939, a weird language.

Some signs are an enigma, I am not yet sure what it means. )20160422_100055

At the college there are many signs that promote good behaviour..not that they are all adhered to.

The most complicated and funny and interesting signs have to do with doggie poo. Brits love their dogs and are always taking them for walks. These are some of the signs you can find:



There are a lot of elderly people in Britain..the commonest hair colour is grey so you find these signs:


Stroud is a small town by British standards and this is what you can expect from the local rag.

A sign that you can only get in Britain is this one, as some of their buildings have weird upper extensions or often are not built straight. 20160423_135252

As you can see Brits love signs. They are very concerned for Health and Safety and so there are warnings on everything. Even at pubs, your glass will always say exactly what you are drinking.

Nobody seems to adhere to this warning, however.20160422_100143



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