I had one weekend left in the Cotswolds, as I had decided to spend my last days in London and to reverse the process of arriving. So, still not being able to sell my car yet, I decided to make good use of it and go driving to Cheltenham to find that horrible building that houses the English secret services..yes, its a huge building that makes sure that everything s under control..control..control…, listens in to conversations, monitors the CCVTV (commonly called the sharks). Well, I didnt quite manage to get there, because I found something much more interesting along the way. At a little village was a festival of costume and design.

Painswick has the strangest church graveyard. It has 100 yew trees, all clipped into various spooky shroud shapes..not a place you want to go at night.

Anyway, they have an odd charity that offers design courses and an annual couture festival where you can enter a costume you have designed using some upcycled materials to create some fantasy. It was set in the graveyard at the church..rather an odd but fascinating setting.

Many designs had fantasy themes:

Some were more futuristic:

Some had themes from stories:

Some were just odd:

This one was a brilliant African one before and with full regalia:

There was a childrens section too:

These were dummies with clothes from previous years:


Then there was also a body paint section in a separate hall. These had come out for a smoke:

I am not sure who won the competitions as I left before the end. I never quite found the MI6 headquarters building, but it looks like this: It is naturally called the doughnut.unnamed


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