Making Hay while the sun shines

Time has gone so quickly that I am behind in my posts, and a lot has happened.  Four things are important. First of all was Hay making, which started as an off hand comment: “Carol, do you want to make hay while the sun shines?” of course I said yes, not realising what it entailed. First of all the sun doesnt shine very much, so when it does, you have to make hay before it goes again, which means you slog until its finished. So we worked from 10 in the morning until 10 at night! and it was WORK!

What had happened the previous couple of weeks was cutting the hay and turning it daily to dry and raking it into long lines. This is what it looks like before baling: 20160707_172829This was done with the tractor and the students happily helped because they like driving the tractor. The weather is carefully consulted for the driest period..which is never very long. Then came baling day, and everyone was roped in to help.20160707_151446 As the Hay was still somewhat wet, the bales were very heavy, and we had to load them onto the trailers and stack them in the barn.

We did one field with a lot of people will be amazed at how much hay can come from one field. most people scarpered before the second field, so it took much longer.By 5pm I was wondering when they were going to stop, but rain had been forecast overnight, so we had to continue. A break with a couple of beers helped the flagging energy.20160707_170139 Some of the I gave up in exhaustion at 7.30pm. The stalwarts kept on until 10pm with pizzas thrown in at one final point. Tutors brought their families to help..but they spent more time playing in the hay than anything else. See how high is the pile.

My muscles hadnt worked so hard since I had the cheese dairy and was lifting 800 litres of milk per week. (800kg).

But that wasnt the end. The pile in the barn was too high and the farmer, Suart was scared that the fermenting bales (that were not quite dry) would get hot and set the barn on fire, so he started moving bales around..well we did mostly. We tried hard to avoid him, as we knew he wanted bales we first moved some outside and covered them with Black plastic, then we moved them to another barn, then we stacked them higher, then we stacked them lower. Well I couldnt have had more weight lifting had I joined Virgin Active body building programme. It was my last big job before going home. Taking a tea break while moving bales.20160725_120918


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