Finding a garden to garden

Having spent a year doing a lot of gardening at Ruskin Mill, I was itching to get my fingers into South African soil. However, since all I owned could fit into my car, I had to go find one. Luckily for me, Alice Linton, a Scottish lady, who had to urgently go to Scotland to her 92 year old mother had such a one. I am now house sitting a beautiful house overlooking the sea and three lovely dogs that I walk daily. As a result, the pounds that I put on eating all the carbs in England have started falling off. (I am also eating a lot more protein and fat, thanks to the banting diet.)20160918_122254Okay, this does look like an English breakfast, but its got a lot more (for much less)

So, this is the garden a month ago:

and this is it today.

Things definitely grow here despite the mingy rain and the sandy soil. Of course the place is literally buzzing with bees. and butterflies and all manner of insect life..something I missed at Ruskin Mill, where animal life has fled. Birds twitter all day rather than the squawking of crows. Here are some of the multitude of fruits that I cant keep up with.20161105_084901these bees were devouring the nectar.

Oops here are some of the multitude of fruits that I cant keep up with. I have given to friends, family and everyone who loves them. Sorry you are missing them, Alice.img-20161016-wa0000

I am living in this very retro cottage:

everything is retro, including the bath:

I have this wonderful view over the sea

and go for dog walks to all these places a spit from the house:

The dogs love moleing in the dunes or running in water

Nights were dark and you can see almost 360 degrees of stars. (couldnt photograph those) Tonight is the gibbous moon. But its the sounds that grab you. Frogs croak all night and now that has been replaced by crickets and cicadas (christmas beetles to they come around christmas).

We celebrated my son’s 25th birthday, and so we invited friends to a real south African braai, and despite (or because of) their age, there were cartwheels on the lawn as the sun went down.

I am now planting out the HUGE amount of tomatoes you seeded, Alice,  and I cant find enough space. You will bear the fruits of these when you return. Lucky you.20161105_085041


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