All kinds of Nifty devices

When you decide that you do not want to use sophisticated mechanical devices for labour, you need to invent many other devices that make your life a little easier, and so on Ruskin Mill and Gables farm I found many interesting devices and creative solutions. 20151008_110911

This is a device for cleaning mud off your shoe.. a very necessary device in wet Britain. Its made from two old broom heads stuck onto a metal handle and cleans the sole and the side simultaneously. 20151016_084757

These are stakes for holding boots to keep them dry and prevent creepy crawlies from getting inside. 20151016_090801This is a balustrade made of woven branches that leads you down a slippery path into the woods. 20151019_123629This is kind of hoe that simultaneously cuts and pulls weeds between rows of seedlings. 20151027_085059This is a cover for a well that is counter weighted with a brick that makes it easy to lift the cover, (which is made of thin slivers of wood, often used as a form of roof tiling.)  Counterweights are also used to keep gates closed. This is a hand pushed wheel with various attachments. This one ruches op the earth around seedlings. 20151029_105242This is a sophisticated compost drum that can be turned easily with a handle to turn the compost without effort. 20151028_094952This is a nifty sower of small seeds when making seedling beds. The seeds are placed in containers on top that have small holes. As you wheel it, the seeds are let out evenly and in nicely spaced rows. It also makes furrows in front and covers the soil behind it. 20151031_132055
This is another nifty wiper of shoes very necessary in a muddy environment.

A few more nifty devices:

This is used to keep the gates closed. the weight closes the gate after opening.20151214_155327 This is a poo pusher. Used to scrape up the wet poo in the pig and cows pens..note the consistency of the cow poo after rain.20151215_093958


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